Eric L.

“Excellent advice and very easy to talk with. Thoroughly explains everything going on with body. Just had second visit and already noticing significant improvements thank you!!”

Richard N.

“I’ve been a client of John Vitale for a number of years. I have chronic back and neck pain. He helps me manage my pain. He’s professional and knowledgeable in his field. I highly recommend the Vitale Chiropractic clinic and its staff.”

Loretta N.

“I was the biggest skeptic concerning chiropractors until I met John Vitale! There was no way I was going to have anyone manipulate my bones and joints. How could that possibly be good for you? That was until the day I couldn’t get up and walk on my own. The pain was awful. On a recommendation from a close friend I visited John’s clinic. (Yes I call him John because that is the kind of environment his clinic projects.) He gently got me back in shape and I continue maintenance with him. It’s a great place to be if you want help managing you pain and staff that treats you with respect and professionalism. Always available, kind and considerate. Thanks guys for being there.”

Nell B.

“I have been going to see Dr. John Vitale for almost 2 weeks now and he has helped me so much with my back issues. The staff and the doctor are very cordial and make you feel comfortable being there. I am so glad that my pain level has decreased. Thank you Dr. John for your help.”

LeRoy S.

“I was recently in a bad car accident. I went to vitale chiropractic when i tell you tgis is the best doctor in jackson he was very attentive to my needs and made me feel right at home and his staff was awesome making sure I was helped in a timely and efficient manner i would truck my neck and back with anyone but vitale thanks john!!!!”

Jimmy D.

“I began using Dr. Vitale’s services several years ago for relief of recurring back pain caused by chronic disc problems. Dr. Vitale’s treatment provided immediate relief with follow up visits helping to keep the area properly aligned and pain free. Dr. Vitale and his staff are very professional and easy to work with and are sensitive to my scheduling needs when making appointments. I am very pleased with the care I receive from Dr. Vitale and would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.”

Gerald P.d

“I have been a patient at Vitale Chiropractic since July of 2011 and I have been very pleased with my experience with Dr. Vitale! I worked for Tennessee Valley Authority and in 1998 I had a fall while working. I went to a few chiropractors in town until I found Dr. Vitale. He has set me up on the Decompression program and it has been a great alternative to surgery and medication. I am still a weekly patient and I enjoy coming in every week. The staff is friendly and welcoming and I would highly recommend Dr. Vitale to anyone!”

Sarah J.

“When I walked in to Dr. Vitale’s Office I was in excruciating pain. Within one visit the pain was gone. I was amazed! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”